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Best Metaverse Crypto Projects to Buy Right Now

The Best Metaverse Crypto Projects may just be a sapling right now, but the stats are already really surprising.

Best Metaverse Crypto Projects



The Best Metaverse Crypto Projects may just be a sapling right now that will take the better part of the next decade to take up a basic form, but the stats are already surprising many. It is already a billion-dollar market, and 53% of related companies are investing in cryptocurrencies, according to reports from trusted sources.

Even though crypto’s importance has yet to be fully realized, metaverse investors have already started to realize crypto’s importance due to the returns and growth of metaverse cryptocurrency projects.


It has started turning many heads and given rise to many options, which may be confusing. To make it simpler to decide, here are the top five metaverse crypto projects you should look into: Tamadoge, Quint, Battle Infinity, Enjin, Decentraland. Below you will find all the information you need about them:


Tamadoge would be the next best Metaverse Crypto Project?

Tamadoge can easily be labeled as the flagbearer of play to earn meme coins of the year. It is part of the Tamaverse, a metaverse platform that has it as its crypto token and rewards for in-game wins. The Tamadoge ecosystem uses the Ethereum blockchain, has avatars that look like dogs, are the highlight of the Tamadoge ecosystem, and are minted as NFTs.

Said avatar pets can be purchased using tamadoge tokens and used as characters to represent yourself in the Tamaverse and win points on the leaderboard. The in-game rewards for top players are Tamadoge tokens that are mainly digital for now but will be converted into physical rewards once the team completes the construction of a Tamadoge arcade. With Tamadoge, you can mint and breed dog-like avatars called Doges yourself. If interested, get in line now, as it is up for presale!

Quint is the best Metaverse Crypto Project for you?

As the currency’s focal point and highlight, Quint is the bridge connecting metaverse and reality, being a platform that offers real-world rewards like luxury items, vacations, digital token frames, and more to investors who purchase an NFT minted on the platform. Quint is based on the Binance innovative chain and offers so much more to investors than just earning interest on tokens. 

The platform uses intelligent protocols to provide investors with staking pools, which they proudly refer to as ‘super staking pools,’ and opportunities to trade crypto and NFTs. Altogether, Quint is perhaps the only crypto-token convertible to real-world luxury items and assets. If you still need to be convinced, the project has grown over 6900% in the last six months!

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is another one of the Play to Earn platforms trending lately. It is a Blockchain NFT-based gaming platform that imagines an arena where users can enter with VR headsets to engage in the in-game activity, and users can sell their winning NFTs as well.

The platform’s main mintable elements are the in-game characters and items, with IBAT being the designated crypto token. Users can stake their earnings for a period of their earnings as well. Its primary revenue model involves allowing players to build their avatars and NFTs and purchase with IBAT, which also serves as the in-game reward.

Not just that, but IBAT can also be swapped with other cryptocurrencies in the IBAT Battle Swap, which is a decentralized exchange that allows users to purchase IBAT tokens to compete and later convert their winnings to another currency. IBAT has grown by over 600% with the conclusion of its presale just recently and has closed at $0.01 per token.

Best Metaverse Crypto Projects

Best Metaverse Crypto Projects diagram


Based on the Ethereum Blockchain network, Enjin is a gaming platform that offers multiple benefits to players, including digital wallets, game plugins, and other valuable tools like software development kits. It creates and provides solutions for users to generate new and enhanced revenue streams by launching NFT projects.

Being a cryptocurrency, Enjin can be used to trade digital assets like gaming items, NFTs, and more. Its crypto token is ENJ, the primary currency used to trade mintable elements and NFTs in the Enjin ecosystem. The platform has been a lifesaver for many as it enables the integration of NFT without the involvement of blockchain code. According to recent statistics, Enjin has a market value of $500 million.


The name Decentraland comes from the platform’s vision of a decentralized world, and a metaverse focused on real estate. Users on the platform enter contracts to buy and purchase land, estate, avatars, and names from the Decentraland marketplace.

The native crypto token of the metaverse is known as MANA which is an ERC-20 token and is used to purchase the digital assets on the platform, including land or LAND, based on an ERC 721 token. MANA is also used as the currency to settle all transactions for the games you can find on the Decentraland platform. MANA is on its way to growing, and now is the perfect time to purchase tokens before prices go sky-high again!

Final Note

The Best Metaverse Crypto Projects is expanding without doubt, and along with it, all relevant aspects and elements are growing too. It is causing the horizon of Metaverse Crypto Projects to expand alongside, which can be confusing if you’re interested but don’t know which one to go for.  

From the many options available to you as an investor, these are the top five contestants that have managed to turn heads. Most of them are decentralized and Play to earn platforms, which may make them sound similar, but every token has unique features.

 From Quint being convertible to real-world assets, Tamadoge having a future of being convertible to physical rewards, IBAT convertible into other currencies, Enjin enabling blockchain code-free integration of NFTs and MANA aiming for a link between a decentralized world and physical real estate, they are all different.

If you’re interested in Metaverse-related Crypto projects, these are some of the best to look into. These projects have considerable growth potential, and you are likely to earn much profit simply by investing in them. Enhance your crypto game with these.

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