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What Cryptocurrency Projects to Invest in in 2022?

If you're thinking about cryptocurrency projects to invest, you might think about getting and holding a few different cryptocurrencies.

What Cryptocurrency Projects to Invest in in 2022



If you’re thinking about investing in cryptocurrencies, you might think about getting and holding a few different cryptocurrencies. There are various ways to invest in cryptocurrencies like buying them directly is arguably the most common strategy to expand the exposure of your portfolio to cryptocurrencies.

Direct purchases and storage are possible for one or more cryptocurrencies. Your options include both more obscure cryptocurrencies that were recently created in an ICO and the most well-known digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum (ICO).


Investment opportunities exist for businesses that focus entirely or partially on cryptocurrencies. You have a variety of options, including organizations that support cryptocurrencies like PayPal Holdings Inc. (PYPL) and Robinhood Markets Inc. (HOOD), as well as many others with varying degrees of exposure to cryptocurrencies.


You can also invest in companies like MicroStrategy Inc. (MSTR), whose balance sheets show a large holding of bitcoin. If you don’t want to choose specific bitcoin companies, you can choose to invest in a fund that focuses on cryptocurrencies. You can choose from several exchange-traded funds (ETFs), such as futures funds and index funds, in addition to a variety of cryptocurrency investment trusts.

Battle Infinity – Exciting P2E Gaming Ecosystem

New cryptocurrency Battle Infinity (IBAT) is making waves in the P2E industry. To provide investors with a complete P2E Defi platform, the project incorporates components from Defi, NFTs, and the Metaverse. The platforms that Battle Infinity is playable on are listed below.

IBAT Battle Swap is a Defi exchange, IBAT Battle Market is an NFT marketplace, IBAT Battle Stake is a fantasy sports league, and IBAT Battle Games is a collection of P2E games (a staking platform). One of the most successful cryptocurrency presales this year was Battle Infinity.

It raised 16,500 BNB a few weeks ago. Investors will soon be able to add to their holdings even if the presale has concluded because the IBAT token will be made accessible on PancakeSwap on August 17. Battle Infinity is one of the most prosperous new cryptocurrency initiatives. Given how well-liked the IBAT ecosystem has already been among investors, it appears likely that it will take off dramatically as features start to be revealed.

What Cryptocurrency Projects to Invest in in 2022

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Tamadoge – Overall Best New Cryptocurrency to Buy

The brand-new meme coin Tamadoge (TAMA) stands apart from competitors by incorporating functionality. The concept is around a play-to-earn game that combines elements from NFTs and the Metaverse to offer players a distinctive, enjoyable experience. Players can train an NFT-based pet in the Tamaverse, which is the primary metaverse for Tamadoge.

Every pet is 3D animated, and you can provide it with extras like food, toys, and cosmetics to improve it. Dogepoints are awarded to players as their pets level up, helping them move up the scoreboard. More of the prize money will go to players who rank higher on the Tamadoge leaderboard.

To help the in-game economy, players are encouraged to make purchases at the Tamadoge store. In-game purchases also have a 5% burn rate, which makes TAMA much harder to come by over time.

Given that Tamadoge raised almost $4 million in a matter of weeks, it’s probable that it is already the best new cryptocurrency available. With a verified listing on the regulated market lBank, Tamadoge is prepared to firmly establish its position as one of the top 10 cryptocurrency presales of 2022.

Clover Finance – Polygon-Based Interoperability Project

The Polkadot network’s Clover Finance (CLV) branch has the same objective of fostering interoperability. Apps and web3 applications are now more likely to be challenging to connect to other networks. Contrarily, Clover seeks to remedy this by giving developers the resources they require to quickly produce cross-chain compatible apps.

Clover Finance has the most promising future of all the recent new bitcoin enterprises. Applications need to be able to serve users who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies as web3 becomes more common. In this field, Clover can excel and distinguish itself as one of the top fresh cryptocurrency projects.

ApeCoin – New Projected Linked to Yuga Labs

ApeCoin (APE), which was developed in collaboration with Yuga Labs, the organization behind Bored Ape Yacht Club, is next on our list of the most recent cryptocurrency initiatives (BAYC). Numerous Yuga Labs NFT holders can receive thousands of APE for free through the program, which is integrated with BAYC and its related collections.

It has access to the restricted parts of the BAYC community with the use of the tokens. To emphasize the value of community for the project, the ApeCoin DAO also uses APE as its governance token. ApeCoin is commonly recommended as one of the top cryptocurrencies to buy when the market is down since Yuga Labs’ products typically produce exceptional outcomes. It has great potential and may perhaps surpass the finest.

Lucky Block – Revolutionizing Prize Draws with NFTs

Through a website called Lucky Block, investors with varied financial backgrounds can participate in a variety of NFT-based tournaments (BLOCK). Lucky Block was able to develop a fair and effective system that immediately rewards the players using blockchain technology.

Prizes might include real land, luxury cars, or $1 million in bitcoin. Each competition is entered by purchasing an NFT with a certain number from the top marketplace NFT Launchpad. Even though entry ticket NFTs are associated with certain events, the owner can also keep a piece of the reward money each day, making everyone a winner.

At the end of July, the Lucky Block variation of the ERC-20 standard was made public. The token’s ability to list on regulated exchanges has greatly raised demand (CEXs). The price of the LBLOCK currency soared by more than 400% before it made its debut on LBank and MEXC. The project was recently uploaded to Uniswap, which has further raised demand.

Lucky Block is merely the beginning when it comes to exchanging listings. Joining the Lucky Block Discord helps keep up with the project’s development because LBLOCK is already among the best new cryptocurrencies and more listings are about to come. 

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