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Summary of NovaDAX Crypto Exchange

Founded in Brazil, NovaDAX Crypto Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange that operates transparently in conformity with Brazilian legislation.

NovaDAX Crypto Exchange



Founded in Brazil in 2018, NovaDAX Crypto Exchange is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange. The NodaDax exchange differs from other Brazilian exchanges in that it permits users to deposit and withdraw BRL. There have been significant UX/UI modifications as a result of the exchange’s quick growth and development over the previous two years.

The NovaDax exchange includes a mobile app for iOS and Android devices in addition to providing OTC markets, an open API, and referral programs to its users. This website has a fair trade volume. On December 2, 2021, when this assessment was last updated, transactions totaling 13.4 million dollars were completed in a single day.


NovaDAX Crypto Exchange

Even if there is still a long way to go before reaching the industry heavyweights, this is nevertheless a respectable amount of trade. NovaDAX allows mobile trading if that is what you like to do. They both offer their app on Google Play and the App Store. Although most individuals prefer to trade cryptocurrencies on desktop computers, don’t listen to advice from others.


Only Brazilians and foreigners with CPF are permitted to utilize NovaDAX (Brazilian Tax ID). As a result, foreigners from countries other than Brazil are not allowed to conduct business here. Don’t worry if you’re an investor from a country other than Brazil, though. Simply utilize our NovaDAX Crypto Exchange Finder or the exchange list’s filters to identify an exchange that is within your grasp.

Different exchanges have various trading theories. There is also no assertion that “this overview is the finest.” The trading perspective that best suits your demands should be chosen. The order book, or at least a portion of it, is a price trend for the selected cryptocurrency, and order history is usually shared in the views. Additionally, boxes for sale and purchase are common.

Trading View in NovaDAX Crypto Exchange

Look at the trading view of the exchange you are thinking about to determine whether it feels good to you before deciding. Along with charts, order types, and other choices, NovaDAX Crypto Exchange also provides a more complicated trading view. Every trade involves two parties: the maker (who sets the order that matches or “takes” the maker’s order in the order book before the transaction) and the taker (who places the order that executes the transaction).

Makers receive their name because their orders generate market liquidity. Takers are the ones who remove this liquidity by matching orders from makers and takers. Crypto exchanges usually categorize participants in a deal into two groups: takers and makers. Both producers and takers can act as both buyers and sellers. Makers frequently receive a discount on the costs to encourage liquidity on the platform.

This is valid for NovaDAX as well. In this case, trading fees are paid by takers at 0.25%. According to an empirical investigation by Cryptowisser, this price is marginally more than the industry’s 0.213% average taker charge. On the other hand, according to the same data, manufacturers only pay 0.15% in taxes, which is a little less than the average for the entire industry.

NovaDAX Crypto Exchange

it operates conform Brazilian financial legislation.

Pay attention

It is important to keep in mind that South America frequently levies higher trading costs than the rest of the world when comparing the aforementioned prices. When you withdraw Bitcoin from this exchange, a fee of 0.0005 BTC is charged. This pricing is a little lower than the sector average. According to our study, the average BTC withdrawal fee throughout the sector is 0.0006 BTC.

On this trading platform, wire transfers are the only accepted method of deposit; credit card deposits are not allowed. This is undoubtedly bad news for anyone who prefers to utilize their credit card for whatever reason. Additionally, wire transfers are only permitted for BRL deposits.

If you require a trading platform that allows wire transfers in a fiat currency other than the BRL or credit card deposits in a fiat currency, use our Exchange Finder or the filters in our Exchange List and we’ll help you find your way to the best trading platform for you. Any review has the potential to alter how something is rated. The user’s location within the system is the only aspect that influences the commission’s magnitude.

Access to all features

This ranking is determined by the aggregate number of points accrued from two different types of acts, such as trading activities and exchange card purchases. You must complete the registration and verification processes before you can begin trading on the NovaDAX platform (confirm the data entered). This is essential as fraudsters, bots, and false accounts must be protected.

You will also have access to all features, but you won’t be able to engage in trading until you make a deposit equal to or more than 0.0005. After making a deposit, you are free to exchange any positions you like. Visit the broker’s profile to view customer comments about NovaDAX. Reviewing NovaDAX can be done on Facebook or by creating an account on the Traders Union website.

Customers of Traders Union also gain extra benefits for using any broker listed on the Forex market, though anyone is free to post reviews of NovaDAX on any of the participating clients. With trading terms that are appropriate for both new and seasoned traders, NovaDAX Crypto Exchange is a simple-to-use and practical cryptocurrency exchange. Most popular coins and cryptocurrencies trade in pairs with fiat money.


Every trade on the cryptocurrency exchange NovaDAX is accompanied by commission charges. The cost is independent of the trade or asset. You can get technical support through the “Support Center” section’s ticketing system. You’ll receive the responses via email. Clients praise the technical assistance for its effectiveness despite the lack of a call center.

A typical referral scheme with cross-promotional benefits is offered by the exchange. A staking scheme is offered for passive revenue. Trading commissions are initially rather high, however, they can be swiftly reduced by accumulating points. Cooperation with the website is advised because it operates transparently and in conformity with Brazilian financial legislation.

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